The last time we were here I caught 20 lbs there on the last day, so I know it is capable of sustaining pressure but still giving up a lot of quality fish.  Having that confidence will allow me to go back there in the morning and know that I still have a shot at winning this thing.  This area just keeps surprising me at how quickly it reloads with fish,” Jones said.

The ever changing Red River didn’t disappoint today, as Jones faced slick conditions and bright skies which was a totally different scenario from day one.  While the morning temperatures might have had the anglers bundling up, the fish didn’t seem to let it get in the way of their strong desire to be in the shallow backwaters looking for a place to spawn.

“I actually think the sunshine and the calm conditions allowed things to settle out a little bit and let the water temperature stabilize again.  There are a lot of fish roaming around up shallow looking to spawn, and I expect tomorrow to be even better.  The potential is there for someone to have a really big day on Sunday, and bedding bass could be a big factor in the outcome of this classic,” Jones concluded. Read More 

Load Your Live Well

Did that most recent cold front throw you a curve ball? Did the bite you were on suddenly disappear? There is always a solution to every problem, here’s one that has saved my day on many occasions. After severe cold fronts big bass almost always seek out the darkest shadows they can find. 

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