Photo Photo: B.A.S.S./Seigo Saito - When filling out a list of top sight-fishermen on the Bassmaster Elite Series, Alton Jones' name needs to be there. Near the top. In ink.

On a day when the bite toughened across the board, the Texas pro pulled in nearly 28 1/2 pounds to give himself a 44-14 total and a commanding 7-plus pound lead heading into the weekend at the St. Johns River Bassmaster Elite Series.

He opened the day in 17th place, but three 8-pound, egg-filled brutes he pulled off their nests catapulted him past everyone at the halfway point of the season opener.

Jones is no stranger to having the field chasing him on the St. Johns. He led the first 3 days here a year ago, and held a 7 1/2-pound lead following day 2 then as well. Read More

Load Your Live Well

Did that most recent cold front throw you a curve ball? Did the bite you were on suddenly disappear? There is always a solution to every problem, here’s one that has saved my day on many occasions. After severe cold fronts big bass almost always seek out the darkest shadows they can find. 

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