Load Your Livewell
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My best tip regarding line is a simple as it gets: Switch to Silver Thread Fluorocarbon for all subsurface fishing. Without changing anything else, you will consistently catch more fish if you make this one adjustment.

Fluorocarbon is the most amazing line type known to man, but it’s critical to understand that not all fluorocarbons are created equal. Silver Thread Fluorocarbon is, without rival, the best fluorocarbon I’ve ever used because of its abrasion resistance and castability.

Beyond being the least visible type of line under the water, fluorocarbon stretches less than mono, allowing you to feel both strikes the bottom make-up more effectively and set the hook efficiently even when you are fishing deep or making very long casts. Plus, because of the great abrasion resistance, you won’t have to re-tie very often, even when you are bumping nasty cover.

Spool a rod or two with Silver Thread Fluorocarbon next time out, and I’m confident that you will begin noticing a positive difference immediately.