Load Your Livewell
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If you have a weak heart, don’t tie on an XCalibur Xw6 Wake Bait. Otherwise, take note:

A true combination of a crankbait and topwater plug, the Xw6 Wake Bait is a hard-kicking, noisy, in-your-face sort of lure that truly is one of the most unique lures that has been introduced in a long time. It won’t work all the time. The fish must be in an aggressive mode. But when the situation is right, this bait will prompt ferocious surface attacks.

A real key to success with the Wake Bait is finding the right speed. Retrieved slowly, it will wobble widely on the surface, with its back out of the water and its rattle clicking methodically. Cranked hard, it will rattle loudly, kick erratically and run barely beneath the surface, pushing out a big bulging wake like a large baitfish swimming right at the top.

Fish the Xw6 Wake Bait on heavy line (at least 20-pound test) and hold on tight!