We recently got to Oahu from Maui and are staying at Waikiki Beach. Maui was lots of fun. We did lots of snorkeling, but I think today and tomorrow will beat that out by a bit. Little A and I are going fishing. While we're out pursuing our passion, the girls will be out pursuing theirs: shopping.

We're headed to Lake Wilson (Wahiawa in Hawaiian) for some freshwater fishing. There are peacock bass in it and supposedly some largemouth as well. I'm hoping to get both species so I can say I caught a largemouth in Hawaii and notch the peacock bass on my belt. This is vacation fishing, too. We're meeting the guide at eight in the morning! Read More

Load Your Live Well

Did that most recent cold front throw you a curve ball? Did the bite you were on suddenly disappear? There is always a solution to every problem, here’s one that has saved my day on many occasions. After severe cold fronts big bass almost always seek out the darkest shadows they can find. 

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