Monday, June 26, 2017
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1 Alton's Green Egg
2 Zoneloc hooks: A Classic family affair
3 Punching Mats With Zoneloc's Flippin' Hook
4 Jones family living the dream as fourth father and son duo to fish Bassmaster Classic
5 Zoneloc On Tour: Alton Jones and the Dinger
6 Alton Jones Jr. ready for 2017
7 Alton Jones gets hooked
9 Alton Jones Jr. captures Bassmaster Classic berth
10 Alton Jones' fall bass plans
11 3rd: Jones Accomplished His Goals On The Mississippi River
12 5th: Early Morning Key for Jones Mississippi River Elite Series event
13 Park Cities People Bassmaster Still Reeling Them In
14 Alton Jones returns to Cayuga Lake
15 Inside Elite Boats: Alton Jones
16 6th: Jones Running Short
17 Alton in 3rd Day 1 Bassmaster Classic with 17-13
18 The ride from Grand Lake to the BOK arena
19 3rd: Jones’ Confidence Swells
21 Jones Clenches Lead In Bassmaster Elite On Lake St. Clair
22 Shallow Was The Ticket For Both Species
23 2nd: Largemouth Saved Jones
24 Jones from 6th to 3rd at St. Lawrence
25 2015 Bassmaster Schedule
26 Texas anglers are tops when it comes to Bassmaster Classic
27 Jones' Attention Will Be Divided This Year
30 Toyota Bassmaster AOY Championship Postponed
31 The 10th Bassmaster Elite Series season to showcase world-class fisheries
32 Jones adds Blue Water LED
33 Video: Alton's Day 4 8-pounder!
34 4th: 8-Pounder Saved Jones
35 5th: Jones not Looking
36 Fishing’s ‘World Series’ aptly named
37 3rd: Big Move for Jones
38 4th: Jones was Hog-Tied
39 Alabama River 2nd: Jones Bouncing Around
40 Chapman rides rapids for lead
41 More than "just" practice
42 4th: Jones Still in the Hunt
43 Sabine River Bassmaster Elite
44 26th: Jones To Timing Change
46 Signing Alton
47 Alton Jones' 5 favorite deep water baits
48 Stealth Mode, Fish Management Fueled Jones' Triumph
49 Alton Jones wins St. Johns Showdown
50 Jones Will Continue To Look
51 Alton Jones' 9-pound lead is strong
52 Alton Jones nabs the lead on the St. Johns
53 Jones Crushes 28-07 To Grab Day-2 Lead
54 St. Johns bedding bass moving quickly
55 Classic In Depth - Alton Jones - Fourth Place
56 Classic Patterns 2-5
57 2012 Classic - 4th: Jones Anticipated Bedders
58 2012 Classic - 3rd: Jones Staying Focused
59 2012 Classic 3rd Place: Alton Jones (31-11)
60 More Falcon Fun
61 Alton's airways
62 Alton on Angler of the Year
63 AOY leaders say all could change
64 Ready to roll
65 Kistler Winner
66 Backing it up
67 Jones Gains Some Separation With 22-13 Bag
68 Alton's Giants
69 Jones Had What they Wanted
70 Alton Jones: Live from ICAST
72 Hook 'em Horns
73 An Analysis Of The Championship Field
74 The One that Got Away
75 Father's Day: Four Generations of Joneses
76 Train wreck KVD zeroes on Day Three, gives Skeet, Jones opening in points race
77 Alton Jones masters Mississippi for Elite lead
78 5th: Decision Time for Jones
79 Jones Jumps Into Lead, But 9 Are Within 3 Pounds
80 12th: Jones Was Committed
81 6th: Jones Covets Belt
82 6th: No Looking for Jones
83 Alton Takes Over Angler of the Year Lead
84 Jones Catches 17-12 Alone, Omori Bags 17-08 In Crowd
85 Tight on top
86 5th: Jones Thinks Sight-Bite's Over
87 Flooded Out
88 Here today, gone tomorrow
89 20 Questions with Alton Jones
90 3rd: Jones Switched Gears
91 Too much firepower
92 Consistent Texan Jones looks for home-state victory
93 Classic Day Two
94 Classic Day One
95 Jones' Schedule Hectic, But The Rewards Have Been Great
96 5th Jones Felt Good on Old Hickory
97 Alton Makes Cut On Clarks Hill 10th - 40-15 lbs
98 President Bush Meets with 2008 Bassmaster Classic Champion and 2008 Women's Bassmaster Tour Champion
99 Living a Dream
100 What would you do if given the Bassmaster Classic trophy for a day?
101 It's All Alton
102 Texan Alton Jones Surges to Lead in Day 2 of 2008 Bassmaster Classic
103 Jones jumps to the top
104 Alton Weighs 17-5 Day 1 Bassmaster Classic
105 Alton Leads the Bassmaster Classic With 18-11 Day 2
106 Cold Water, Lethargic Fish Make The Hunt Difficult
107 Take Five on the Classic
108 2008 Elite Schedule
109 Relax, it's Simplix!

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Alton's awesome Day Four