Day 2: 5, 20-11 Photo by: B.A.S.S. / Seigo Saito Jones said that his big stringer "just kind of happened." He weighed in all largemouths, none of which were heavier than about 4 1/2 pounds.

"I don't have a spot where I can just pull up and wreck them," he said. "I'm having to fish (hard) for them. Each one of the biggest ones I caught was from a different locale. I'm running a pattern, but I'm doing it in a lot of different places.

"I stuck (and lost) one that I would've liked to have seen. I just never got a good hook in it. I'll throw at that spot again tomorrow."

He shared some of his spots with other competitors and had others to himself.

"I'm just fishing by the seat of my pants – I'm moving around a lot and I'm not too worried about crowds. I don't know about the wind tomorrow until I see it; wind always repositions fish, but I don't think they're going to swim five miles away. They'll be somewhere nearby and I'll just have to adjust and see what I can figure out." Read more

Load Your Live Well

Did that most recent cold front throw you a curve ball? Did the bite you were on suddenly disappear? There is always a solution to every problem, here’s one that has saved my day on many occasions. After severe cold fronts big bass almost always seek out the darkest shadows they can find. 

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